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Fine Arts Guide: Home

This Research Guide is intended for those in the Bishop's University community who wish to find resources related to Fine Arts. This aid provides sources held at or accessible online from the Bishop's Library.

More information

For works BY a particular author, or for works where the title is known, search the Library’s online catalogue BORIS under the author’s name or the title of the work. For works ABOUT a particular artist, or concerning a particular subject, search the catalogue under the artist’s name as subject or under the appropriate subject headings. The Library of Congress Subject Headings Lists (the large red books on the table in the Main Lobby) will help you determine the correct subject headings. The Library’s collection of materials on FINE ARTS is shelved in the N-NX section on the Second Floor.

The Library’s periodical holdings in FINE ARTS can be accessed through BORIS by typing in the title of the periodical you are seeking. Current issues of FINE ARTS journals are shelved in the Periodicals Room off the Main Lobby; older issues are bound and shelved on the Basement Level in classification (call) number order.

NOTE: Each item in the following Guide has a call number beside it. This is the number you should use to locate the item on the shelves. A number which includes the designation Ref. or Ref.Ind.Sd. indicates that the book is shelved in the Reference Room. The designation Ref.M. indicates that the item is shelved on the Reference Mezzanine.