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Classical Studies Guide: Home

This guide is a list of some of the reference tools available for study and research in the field of Classical Studies including Greek and Roman history, civilization, language and literature.

How do I find?

 If you're beginning your research and looking for a place to start, why not look at a few encyclopaedias and dictionaries. They can be a great tool to help develop your topic before searching through books and journal articles.

Want some help getting started? Reference librarians are here to answer your questions and teach you about the resources available through your library.

You may also want to look at guides in related disciplines, such as Philosophy, Religion, Music, Fine Arts and General History.

Did you know?

Bishop’s Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to arrange items on our shelves. On each item in the library you will find a sticker with a combination of letters and numbers which is called a call number. Each call number begins with a letter or combination of letters representing the broad subject area of the item, for example PA for classical philology.

When you find a call number, be sure to write down the whole number to help you differentiate between similar items on the shelves, and also take note of the location of the item, which will help you determine which area of the library to look in.


Reference materials (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.) can be found in the reference room.